Midway Paris Beauty School Models
Midway Paris Beauty School Models

Hairdressing and Cosmetology

Midway Paris Beauty School has been training professionals for over 60 years. Our staff includes professional hairdressers, platform artists and salon owners. The instructors have worked with the best. They are now dedicated to training you. 

You might aspire to become a hair cutter, colorist or hairstylist. If you dream of working in a Madison Avenue Salon, on a hit television series, on Broadway or an international runway show, Midway Paris Beauty School is your first, most important beginning. We can train and prepare you to compete for these highly sought after jobs. 

Midway Paris Beauty School will train and prepare you to take the New York State Cosmetology License Exam and assist you with lifetime job placement. 

Hairdressing & Cosmetology

1000 Hours

Our hairdressing and Cosmetology Students at Midway Paris Beauty School in Queens, New York carries the special equipment used only in the beauty industry. With the vast grow and popularity of the beauty and cosmetology field in New York, Midway Paris Beauty Schools knows the correct way to educate and direct its students to becoming successful hairstylists, and cosmetologists. During your education at our school, you will receive and learn how to use your hairdresser kit.

Experience the world of beauty in a salon-like atmosphere. Midway Paris Beauty school will put you in a professional setting, creating a great atmosphere for students to practice and develop their newly acquired skills.

At the start of your training, at Midway Paris Beauty School in Queens, New York, you will receive a large duffle bag with the school logo filled with equipment to begin your cosmetology career. A detachable book bag filled with beautifully colored illustrated textbooks that reinforce what you will learn in theory. When you become a Senior Student you will receive specialized advance equipment of the industry. This advanced equipment will serve as yours tools to use when practicing on clients in Midway Paris’s Beauty Salon.

Day / Evening Classes Available.

Full Time / Part Time Classes Available!

Convenient Schedules. 

Scholarships and Grants available to those who qualify.

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You will become highly accomplished and creative, prepared and well equipped, because we have provided you with all of the training and equipment necessary to begin your career.

Classes in English and Spanish
Clases en ingles y español

Our senior students learn by doing in our salon like classroom. 

Earn cash tips as you learn.
At Midway Paris Beauty School in Queens, NY, we will teach and prepare you to posses the necessary skills in the following criteria’s in the beauty and cosmetology fields.

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